Friday, November 2, 2012

The Cupcake Queen

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting here for a while guys!  I've been super busy!
Anyway I just finished a really cute book called...


By: Heather Helper
Recommended ages: 12 and up
Rating: 3 1/2 stars!  Very cute! :)

The Cupcake Queen
          The Cupcake Queen was an adorable book about a young girl named Penny.  Penny has to cope with life living in a new place, called Hogs Hallow rather than living in New York City, where she used to live. 

 Penny has to adapt to going to a new school, meeting new friends, (and enemies,) and working at a cupcake bakery that her mom has just opened called the Cupcake Queen!  
Penny doesn't know how she'll survive high school without her lifelong friends and big city comforts.  To make matters worse, her father is staying behind, and her mom isn't talking about what the future holds for them.  

         But Penny discovers that small town life isn't bad.  Penny finds bright spots in Hogs Hollow-like the art studio and her free-spirited friend Tally.  Then there's Marcus, the cute and enigmatic boy who's always running on the beach with his dog Sam.

Just when Penny is settling in, her parents ask her to make a choice that will turn everything upside down again.  This novel about love, creativity and accepting life's unexpected turns is a sweet confection brimming with charm, humor and romance.  
I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a quick, fun read.  This book is cute, romantic and sweet (in more ways than one!)

Thanks for reading
-Alyssa :)