Saturday, June 23, 2012

Watcher in the Woods (Dreamhouse Kings book #2)

Today I finished a great, really creepy, book called Watcher in the Woods by Robert Liparulo.  A little bit ago I finished the first book in the series The House of Dark Shadows, which was really good as well and super creepy!  Anyway here's my summary!

Pretending everything's all right is harder than it sounds.  But the Kings know that even if they told the truth about the bizarre things happening in their house, no one would believe them.  They're super focused on rescuing their lost family member before anyone finds out what's going on.  But when a stranger shows up to take their house, their options start dwindling fast.  Why would he be so interested in a old run down place?  And what secret is he hiding, just as he hides the scars that crisscross his body?  The mystery gets stranger with each passing day.  Will the Kings be able to find a way to harness the house's secrets and discover who is watching their every move before another gets snatched into an unknown world??  This book was crazy good, it kept me turning pages so fast that I barley noticed when I was one page away from the end of the book!  Robert Liparulo, the author, has really good cliffhangers as well, to end the chapters so it just makes you want to keep reading!  He had a great ending to this book which makes me can't wait to get book #3 called Gatekeepers!
My Rating Scale!

This book was four hearts on my new rating scale ------------------------->>>

-Alyssa :)

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Monday, June 18, 2012

A Time to Die

I just finished a great book called A Time to Die by Lurlene McDaniel.  I've read a couple books by her and she is an amazing author.  Most of her books end sad though, like this one does, as you can probably tell by the title.  But I really enjoyed it very much!  Here's the summary:

Sixteen-year-old Kara Fischer has never considered herself lucky.  She doesn't understand why she was born with cystic fibrosis.  Despite her daily treatments, each day poses the threat of a lung infection that could put her in the hospital for weeks.  But her close friendship with her fellow cystic fibrosis patient, Vince, and the new feelings she is quickly developing for Eric give her the hope to live one day at a time.
When an anonymous benefactor promises to grant a single wish with no strings attached, Kara finds a way to let the people who have loved and supported her throughout her illness know how much they mean to her.  But will there be time for Kara to see her dying wish fulfilled?

This book was really good, it was a very passionate book that showed the courage of a young girl to keep living every day to it's fullest.  It almost made me cry because I got so close to the characters, it always felt like I was right there with them.  I really loved this book and I would highly recommend it!

-Alyssa :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lives of the Writers

Lives of the Writers: Comedies, Tragedies (and What the Neighbors Thought)                     Today I finished a great book called Lives of the Writers.  Like the last review I posted, this book was published by the same author Kathleen Krull.  Lives of the Writers goes in depth of how 20 influential writers lived their lives and what kind of things they wrote.  Short stories, novels, autobiographies, folklore, etc...  This book includes people like William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, E.B. White, Henry David Thoreau and many others!  This book, like the last, was full of interesting facts, and told things that I never even guessed these famous authors would do!  It's a very quick read and is just a fascinating book!  I would highly recommend this! :)

-Alyssa :)