Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Book of Gods and Godesses

The Book of Gods and Goddesses is a very good book!  This book is by Eric Chaline who is a graduate of  Cambridge, and the school of African American studies.  He currently lives in London.  This is a book about Greek gods, Egyptian gods, Norse gods, Scandinavian gods, and more!  I would rate this book a three star.  It wasn't one of my favorites but it wasn't bad at all.  I thought this was a really good book.  This book has many different pictures of real people worshiping at temples or even at there home or festivals.  But most of the pictures are just detailed illustrations.  This book was a fun, quick read and great for school projects and reports.  This book also taught me a lot of stuff I didn't know, like how many people worshiped whatever religion, who were the most important gods in that religion, and did other religions other than the Aztecs have human sacrifice?  These questions kept me wondering, but finally I approached my answer.   I am very glad I got that book! So many fun awesome facts you never knew, are all in this book.



  1. This sounds like a good reference. It is interesting that religions are responsible for teaching morals and yet are the reason for many conflicts; the source of damnation and salvation. Good choice and good write up Sweetie. (can I call you Sweetie on your blog?)