Friday, September 16, 2011

Betsy and The Emperor

Today I finished a fascinating book called Betsy and the Emperor.  This book is about a fourteen year old girl named Betsy Balcombe.  Betsy lives on remote, ugly island called St. Helena.  Napoleon Bonaparte is being transported over to St. Helena, being held prisoner by the British soldiers.  Bonaparte is in need for a place to stay and is assigned to reside in Betsy's house.  Betsy and the emperor build up a strong and caring relationship for eachother.  Both go through many hardships and obstacles.  But one day one of Betsy's friend's, Huff, is determined to free the great Napoleon Bonaparte, and get this great leader off of this island!  Betsy soon decides that she will take part in this plan too.  Will Betsy be able to free the emperor?  Or will the emperor have to live the rest of his life on the island of St. Helena?  Read this awesome historical fiction novel to find out!  This was a really good book and I would recommend it! :)

Alyssa :)

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