Wednesday, September 7, 2011

City of Masks

I just yesterday finished a book called the City of Masks.  This book was so good!  It started off kind of slow and all of the names were a little confusing but once you got deeper into the story it was really cool!  OK here's a little summary:  Lucien is badly ill.  He has a brain infection that is causing him a tumor.  But his life is transformed when an old Italian notebook that his father gives him allows him to stravagante (time travel to 16 century Italy.)  Whenever Lucien holds the beautiful Italian journal, his mind is swept away to an enchanting Venice-like city called Bellezza while his earthly body sleeps peacefully.  But as his body begins to follow his mind in this other world, there is always a chance that Lucien may be caught on the other side of time and not be able to return!  This book is so good.  I would rate this four stars!  I have already read Mary Hoffman's book called the Falconer's knot which was really good as well!  I will also be reading the other books in this Stravaganza series called: City of Stars, City of Flowers, City of Secrets and City of Ships!  There, that should be in order!  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in a kind of historical mostly fantasy read!

Alyssa :)

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